DCI Jamie Carver

Jamie Carver is no ordinary detective. His ability to empathise and his particular case history gives him a unique insight into the minds of those who inhabit the sort of places – real or imaginary – where the normal rules of society do not apply, and where moral ambiguity rules. In such places darkness dwells, along with those whose taste for the perverse sometimes propels them into shocking acts of criminality. Carver’s job is to seek them out and bring them to justice. The trouble is, if you empathise too much, you end up in situations where your motives and judgement are sometimes called into question…

…Which is exactly what happens when Carver becomes embroiled in a series of separate-but-linked investigations that have their roots in his ‘first big case’, the hunt for the notorious Escort Killer, Edmund Hart. From the strange world of the ‘lifestyle dominatrix’ described in LAST GASP, through Westminster’s corridors of power in FINAL BREATH and on to Paris, and the sort of attractions no tourist ever gets to see in OUT OF AIR, Carver battles to lay to rest the ghosts that haunt him and end the nightmares that keep him awake at night. Does he succeed? Can he succeed? Find out by reading The Worshipper Trilogy, Books 1-3 of the DCI Jamie Carver Series. Start with LAST GASP – HERE.


The Carver Papers - A Worshipper Trilogy Companion

Get the inside story on how and where it all began.

As features in the plot of LAST GASP, the series of newspaper articles by award winning journalist, Alexander Jackson, reproduced in full in a single volume. Intended to give the inside story into the hunt for a serial killer, they ended up triggering another!