Book #2 in The Worshipper Trilogy



Eighteen months after the case that nearly cost him his life, DCI Jamie Carver is still unravelling the web of perversity that was the Worshipper Killer’s shocking legacy. Only he knows the damage it may cause when its contents become known, and the impact it will have on those whose prominence and position of power and authority requires that they remain ‘respectable.’

When dominatrix Megan Crane’s former acolytes start meeting with fatal ‘accidents’, a young detective suspects someone out to make sure their links to her dark world stay hidden, and calls on those who know her best to prove his theory – Carver and his former partner, Jess Greylake. It triggers a chain of events that sees them tested in ways they could never imagine, and re-acquaints Carver and Jess with the types of trouble they suffered bringing the Worshipper Killer to justice in the first place. Facing a killer who is always one step ahead and seems protected by forces even he cannot overcome, Carver is left with no choice but to turn for help to the one person he vowed he would never, ever, get involved with again, the dominatrix, Megan Crane.

Book Two in The Worshipper Trilogy, Final Breath is a novel of murder, intrigue and conspiracy in high places and sees Jamie Carver forced to renew his acquaintanceship with dominatrix Megan Crane to unravel a mystery and capture a killer whose brutality matches anything he has seen before. But how far dare he trust her? And what is her agenda this time? These and other questions haunt him as he takes on forces that threaten to destroy him and his reputation, as well as those who cannot begin to imagine the dangers they face.